The Secret | Rhonda Byrne

The Secret Revealed
Everything that is in your life and apart of your life is because you attracted it to you. This universal and powerful law was known by many great artists, scholars, philosophers and writers throughout history. It crosses borders from country to country and religion to religion. Everyone has it and everyone is capable of using it every day. The secret is the law of attraction. The thoughts you have attract what happens in your life. If you are constantly thinking negative, you will only experience negative. But, if you focus on what you want an what you want to accomplish, those things will come to you. You are in complete control of your future with your thoughts. Any thought you have will come to pass and become reality, and you are in control of whether it's good or bad.

The Secret Made Simple
Everything that is around you, the things that you complain about are because you've attracted it. If you constantly think about the worse possible situation or being in the wrong place at the wrong time, then you are harnessing those thoughts of fear, powerlessness and hopelessness. Do you want to believe those things? Do you want to believe that bad things will always happen to you? The truth is, is that whatever you think will happen to you will happen to you. Your thoughts are very powerful tools, but so are your feelings. Feelings make you aware of you what you're thinking and therefore controlled by your thoughts. It's impossible to have bad feelings (depression, anger, resentment, guilt) and good feelings (happiness, love, hope) at the same time. Become more aware of your feelings by asking yourself everyday how you're feeling. The more aware you are, the more control you'll gain. If you are thinking negatively, then you are blocking all the good. Compile a list of "Secret Shifters" things that make you happy. It could be a place, person, picture, music, happy memories or anything else. If one doesn't work, move on to another one and focus on it. Love is the greatest and most powerful emotion that we can feel. If you harnessed love in every sense of what you do and say, you're life would never be the same.

How To Use The Secret
If you recall the story of Aladdin and the Genie, remember that the Genie only grants him three wishes? If you go back to the original story, you'll find out that Aladdin had unlimited wishes. In life, we are Aladdin and the Universe is the Genie. If you think it, the Genie will pull the Universe towards you in your favor. Set direct and clear thoughts to the Universe, unclear and mixed thoughts will bring you mixed results. You must first ASK the universe for what you want once. BELIEVE that you have received it and it is already yours. You don't even have to worry about it at that point. If you have to make-believe like a child, then imagine yourself that you've already received it. Let the Universe take care of it. It may be hard to believe something will happen when you don't know how to manifest it, but most accomplished people didn't know how they would start either! Believe that you have RECEIVED your desires and FEEL GOOD. When you are feeling good you will begin receiving. People argue that there isn't enough time to get things done; but, Einstein was right when he said that Time doesn't exist. If you believe that time doesn't exist and that the future is already happening right now simultaneously, you will know that all of what you want you already have. If you worry or rush anything out of fear, you will start to attract only the bad things. Try making it a habit every day to visualize and believe everything that you want. By thinking these thoughts in advanced, you are well on your way creating and acquiring the life that you want.

Powerful Processes
Expectation and desire is a very attractive power that can draw things to you. If you expect something good, it will be good. If you expect something bad, it will be bad. Change the way you think and expect only good outcomes; by doing this you are sending out positive signals to the universe and changing the frequency of your life! By combining gratitude into the equation, your life will be completely transformed. If you begin your day by being grateful and thankful for absolute everything that you use or encounter, you will gain more knowledge and happiness than you ever thought possible. If you visualize already having what you want with grateful heart, that is one of the most powerful forces ever. Create a vision board so you can visualize your goals and your thoughts every single day. Before you go to bed, replay everything that happened. If there was a negative interaction, imagine that it was a good one! Do that with everything and the Universe will bend to your thoughts and line you up for having a great day tomorrow!

The Secret To Money
If you want to attract more money into your life, then you must think wealthy thoughts. If you continue to expect bills in the mail and complain about debt then that's all you're ever going to get. Do you want to know what of the biggest secrets of all is? The shortcut to anything you want in your life is to BE and FEEL happy now!

The Secret To Relationships
You need to understand yourself first. You must first learn to love yourself before anyone else can love you. Understand that if you do not treat yourself the way you want others to treat you, then nothing will ever change. If you are constantly putting others before you, then you are saying that there won't ever be enough for you, which will lead to resentment. Remember that you only can take care of you, that is your job. You are not in charge of other people's happiness. When you're taking care of yourself and have feelings of pure joy, you will be a joy to be around. Plus you'll become a great example to everyone you encounter. Love will always be the strongest and most powerful force. Love yourself, love everyone around you and only the good things will come your way.

The Secret To Health
The placebo affect works when a patient is given a pill/tablet that they believe will heal them of their pain when in fact it is only a sugar pill. Those people that think it will heal them believe that it will heal them. Healing your mind and body go hand in hand and many diseases and problems come from one root cause... stress. Stress is one of the biggest negative thoughts we can think, but if we reverse that thinking into believing ourselves into a perfect health then we allow ourselves to begin that change. Love and gratitude are also crucial in the body healing process. Laughter is one of the best medicines out there.

The Secret To The World
In a world that is constantly fighting against war, terrorism or drugs, you are only focusing on the negative. Even if you're an anti-war person, you are still focusing on war. Focus on peace, focus on love and focus on happiness and abundance. If everybody focused on love, then war cease to exist. Have you ever realized that newspapers do better when there is a natural disaster or a dramatic headline printed? We will continue to get bad news because we are attracting it! But again, only you have control over yourself. You must find that love and happiness within this world, you are in charge of you. You have this powerful ability to create your own life! Praise and bless everything apart of this world and you will find happiness and become a beacon to others.

The Secret To You
You are not just a "meat suit" you are a spiritual being with powerful energy. Everything in this world has energy, and you are one of the tallest and most powerful transmitters of energy in the Universe. Don't play a victim, all of us have gone through things in our past. Let go of things that are out of your control or bad things from your past, the more thought you give to them the more power you give to them. Look forward to the future and focus on the things you want and love. You can break yourself free from stereotypes or negative habits because the power you have within yourself is greater than the power of the world. Stop saying "I'm not." You're the one creating that! Say I am!

The Secret To Life
You purpose in life is what you say it is. Enjoy your life, find your bliss and live in a state of happiness. The birds sing for you, the sun rises for you, the sun sets for you, everything this world has to offer is for you. You are the master of the Universe because you know the Secret so feel good now and create your ideal life!

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